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June 3, 2024

Sensys Networks for Critical Traffic Safety Applications

ITS International | April 2023

Federal funding favours traffic safety applications to save lives, and Sensys Networks’ US supply chain qualifies for that funding. The company will be at Grapevine to highlight how its products provide results around the world and point out that in the US, funding is set aside specifically to implement traffic safety solutions. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 provides an additional US$32.5 billion dedicated to traffic safety over five years.

Examples that will be highlighted of how some municipalities are improving safety with traffic detection from Sensys Networks, includes Mayetta, Kansas. Vehicles are detected on side streets by FlexMag wireless sensors at the stop bar to trigger flashing crossing signs upstream of the intersection, warning approaching vehicles. Virginia uses automated incident detection AI to alert operators, law enforcement and drivers when vehicles have crossed barriers going the wrong way on express lanes. Meanwhile, the UK employs real-time speed data from FlexMag wireless sensors on their managed motorways to set dynamic speed limits to reduce injury accidents by 13 per cent.

FlexMag also powers speed enforcement systems on roadways in Saudi Arabia. In Victoria, Australia ramp queue flushing is used to actively clear backups from highways and avoid high-speed rear-end collisions. Automated incident detection is also used on New York State bridges to detect crashes within seconds and roll emergency response personnel to avoid secondary crashes and provide medical help.