The Technology of Sensys Networks

Better traffic solutions through integrated technology

Heritage of Innovation

Throughout the 1990s Dr. Pravin Varaiya, Nortel Networks distinguished professor at Cal and former Director of PATH, had long pursued an answer to the most pervasive problem in traffic management: poor detector data. Poor data prevented his state-of-the-art ITS modeling systems to realize their potential. It wasn’t until he teamed up with two other Ph.D.’s from Cal, Dr. Amine Haoui and Dr. Robert Kavaler, that the solution presented itself: in-ground wireless sensors. Dr.’s Haoui and Kavaler are serial entrepreneurs and wireless experts who had previously founded two successful wireless companies in their fifteen years together. The three founded Sensys Networks with a single goal in mind: to provide the accurate and dependable real-time data agencies need to take ITS applications to the next level.

Fast forward a decade, and the company continues to be the leading innovator in detector solutions for ITS, with dozens of patents, awards and a product portfolio that is the envy of the industry. Sensys Networks continues to develop innovative solutions for ITS applications, with a pipeline of new products primed for launch. But it has taken more than engineering excellence to succeed in ITS, and with core competencies in manufacturing, field engineering and partner relations, Sensys Networks is poised to continue to grow and innovate at record levels for years to come.


Sensys Networks Technology Patents