American Made

Sensys Networks is firmly committed to support the BABA (Build America Buy America) initiative.

Commitment to support BABA

Sensys Networks, headquartered in Berkeley, California, stands as the global leader in vehicle detection equipment for intersection, highway, and toll applications.  Over the past decade, Sensys Networks has undertaken substantial efforts to onshore production, prioritizing USA manufacturing, quality assurance, and supply chain flexibility. Assembly operations for all our products are now conducted in Oakland, California, and Mankato, Minnesota. This strategic decision reinforces our commitment to keeping American tax dollars in the US, while also ensuring stringent manufacturing oversight and quality control.

Sensys Networks is firmly committed to support the BABA (Build America Buy America) initiative. The BABA Act was signed into law as part of Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act by President Biden on November 15, 2021. Sensys Networks has worked diligently to manufacture all our products in United States. All electronic assembly and final testing for Sensys Networks occur within the United States. This strategic decision not only underscores our dedication to quality and embodies our commitment to excellence and accountability.