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SensTraffic™ turns our accurate detection in your roads into actionable data at your fingertips

Presenting a new traffic data and analytical platform for managing your corridors and intersections. SensTraffic provides high-resolution performance measures, automated statistical processing of a wide variety of precise traffic detection data, and remote network monitoring and diagnostics. It’s time to expect better data from your detection solution.

SensTraffic is powered by our robust SNAPS server architecture, and consists of the data solutions listed below to fit your needs.

SensMetrics | Safety & Signal Optimization

High-Resolution data and analytics to optimize signal timing and safety

Monitor the performance of your intersections 24-7 with this unique high-resolution traffic data system. By capturing and analyzing detailed performance measures such as volume-to-capacity (V/C) ratios, arrivals on green, and even accurate turn movement counts you can not only see how your intersections are performing, but use the data to re-time and optimize your traffic signals. Plus, track speed and red light violations, enabling an extra layer of safety enforcement in your community.

SensTurn | Turn-Based Signal Optimization

Get key vehicle movement data to time your signals

SensTurn is an automatic data-collection and analytics solution that optimizes the signal timing of intersections and arterial corridors based on turn movement counts. With SensTurn’s accurate and continuous data capture, optimizing your signals has taken a turn for the better.

SensID | Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Re-ID (Formerly VIMS)

MAC address re-identification for Travel Times, Intersection Delay, & Origin/Destination

Easy to use travel time and speed reports, intersection delay analysis, and origin/destination patterns for user configured routes and time periods. Map congestion so you can focus your operations on hot spots. Powered by either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth re-identification with anonymized MAC addresses.

SensFlow | Vehicle Counts

Volume, Occupancy & Speed traffic data

Perfect for arterial and freeway traffic data collection, SensFlow provides accurate Volume, Occupancy and Speed reports. These real-time traffic data measures enable monitoring of congestion to optimize your traffic operations. Leveraged in conjunction with SensID data, you will have unprecedented insight into complete corridor utilization statistics, including Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) and Vehicle Hours Travelled (VHT).

SensBike | Bicycle Counts

Accurate real-time bicycle counts, including non-ferrous bike frames

Alternate modes of transportation such as bicycles are having a huge impact on city planning and operations. SensBike provides agencies with reliable bicycle count data to gauge the effectiveness of their existing bikeway investments, as well as to ascertain future needs as bike use increases.

SensDiag | System Health

Remote diagnostics monitoring & alerts

Complete remote network diagnostics monitoring and life-cycle management of your Sensys Networks detection system. Automated alerts notify operations when rare maintenance is required.