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Improving the way people travel through cities


Accurate detector data is the foundation on which the best ITS solutions are built, and Sensys Networks offers the most accurate vehicle detection solution available today – for all applications, in all weather conditions and all environments. With precise detection zones, our in-ground solutions offer superior accuracy — for presence, counts, speeds and occupancy — at any location.
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Agencies have traditionally struggled with limited flexibility from their ITS solutions. But Sensys Networks offers solutions that scale with an agency’s needs. From intersection to arterial to freeway, and from one application to an entire suite of applications, Sensys Networks offers the extensible, scalable, future-proof platform agencies need, now and in the future.
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Other in-ground solutions like inductive loops require extensive road works, including expensive lane closures and management of traffic. With Sensys Networks, agencies can enjoy a streamlined installation process that completes in a fraction of the time of inductive loops. And with minimal impact on roadway integrity, Sensys Networks provides the years of trouble-free detector service agencies have long desired.
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Modern ITS applications thrive on data, and Sensys Networks delivers real-time, all-the-time data for agencies around the world. Our unique SensTraffic data platform archives every event in a time-synchronous manner, forever. And with state-of-the art performance measures and advanced visualization, agencies can readily distill Sensys Networks data into actionable decisions.
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Heritage of Innovation

Sensys Networks was founded with a single goal in mind: to provide the accurate and dependable real-time detection data agencies need to take ITS applications to the next level. From the first application, vehicle counts, Sensys Networks has continued to invest in industry-leading innovation to tackle all major ITS detector applications, including advanced performance measures unavailable anywhere else. And Sensys Networks continues to innovate, with an ongoing pipeline of revolutionary new wireless products primed for launch.
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Customer Service

Ask any agency who has worked with Sensys Networks and the story is always the same: they stand behind their product and will do whatever it takes to make a customer project succeed. Sensys Networks is a company of engineers and it is in our DNA to ensure every ITS project we engage in is a success.
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