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June 11, 2024


If you want to know why Sensys Networks is one of the most innovative companies in ITS, then check out the FlexMag3, a new EZ-Out version of its latest generation traffic detection sensor, being unveiled here at Intertraffic. Building on the unparalleled durability and rapid deployment capability of FlexMag3, the groundbreaking EZ-Out system makes it possible to swap sensors in seconds. FlexMag3 is engineered to withstand harsh environments and heavy traffic, outlasting inductive loops, and sometimes even the pavement they are installed in.

The wireless sensor is also much faster to install, reducing deployment times to mere minutes, not hours like loops. Now EZ-Out introduces a new dimension of flexibility. The EZ-Out cup and clip system enables swift removal of FlexMag3 for instant sensor swaps with minimal traffic disruptions. This unmatched combination of wireless resilience and rapid replacement makes it much easier for agencies to keep traffic detection systems operational. During repaving projects, the sensor can be removed and then reinstalled intact after the roadway has been resurfaced,
Eric Murugneux of Sensys Networks eliminating the risk, and cost, of destroying detection investments. Now, detection can even be relocated – temporarily for work zones or permanently for redesigned road infrastructure. Sensys Networks says the speed and efficiency that EZ-Out enables for replacing or relocating sensors empowers agencies to minimise traffic disruptions and detection downtime. It also means lengthy lane closures for loop repairs are long gone. Hold the future of traffic detection in your hand on the Sensys Networks stand.