SensMetrics for consultants

SensMetrics icon1 On-demand Signal Retiming
By time-of-day, day-of-week & season

SensMetrics icon2 High-Resolution Data
24/7/365 before/after performance & safety metrics

SensMetrics icon3 Accurate Detection
Data for scalable multimodal traffic applications

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Consultants are in a unique position to help agencies measurably improve traffic signal systems. And now with 24/7/365 data from SensMetrics, you can fine tune signal operations for those agencies like never before.

The friendly user interface enables you to easily drill into macro and micro views of critical intersection data. You can see what timing plans are needed and zero in on the best time-of-day boundaries. All of which can be easily exported into your timing software.

Alerts let you know when to check back on traffic volumes to distinguish between incidents and retiming opportunities caused by new or changing developments.

With SensMetrics, you now have the actionable means to proactively identify intersection performance deterioration, make improvements and demonstrate operational success.

Let's improve the way people travel through your city

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Why SensMetrics

SensMetrics is an Asset to Agencies:

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Better data collection and signal timing improves traffic flow and provides efficient management of the overall system

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Improves mobility, safety, and the quality of service for all users of the transportation system

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On-demand signal optimization improves intersection performance without adding lanes or headcount

SensMetrics Helps Consultants:

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Wow factor - demonstrate value by offering a data-rich signal optimization solution

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Enables you to focus on providing higher-level services to your clients - do more projects faster

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Enhance your competitive position for grants - tie upgrades to ATSPM funding

SensMetrics Drives Measurable Benefits:

Source: FHWA Traffic Signal Timing Manual

Let's improve the way people travel through your city

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  • Time of Day Boundaries
  • Days of Week Clusters
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Cycle Time, Green Splits, Offsets
  • Diversion Plans for incidents, special events
  • Currently implemented on Python platform
  • Uses measured values (e.g., 95th percentiles) rather than estimates (e.g., Synchro)

  • Before / After Comparison Reports
  • Turn Movement Counts,
    including shared lanes
  • Percentage Arrivals on Green
  • Intersection Delays per Approach
  • Volume to Capacity (V/C) Ratio per Phase
  • Purdue Coordination Diagrams (PCDs)
  • Red Light Violations
  • Volume, Occupancy, and Speed

  • Built on our accurate wireless detection system
  • Provides a precise foundation for our performance and safety metrics
  • Can also be used for signal actuation

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  • Remote monitoring of the system
  • Notifications for incidents and traffic volume thresholds
  • Remote monitoring of the system

  • Enhances your ATMS with more accurate detection data & discreet turn movement counts
  • No upgrades to signal controller operation needed
  • Leverages existing agency IT network and server infrastructure
  • Data exports to third-party signal timing software

Let's improve the way people travel through your city