Meet RTMS Echo

Next Generation Radar for Accurate Traffic Data and Visual Verification

Unlock the power of per-vehicle data

Sensys Networks is proud to add RTMS Echo to our comprehensive suite of accurate traffic detection solutions. Ideal for count stations on highways and arterials, RTMS Echo accurately identifies and tracks individual vehicles across as many as 12 lanes per device.

RTMS Echo provides insightful and reliable data maximizing existing infrastructure and optimizing the safety and efficiency of your roadways.

Why choose RTMS Echo for your traffic detection needs?


One of the biggest advantages of RTMS Echo is its accuracy. Using the latest radar technology, it identifies and tracks individual vehicles with high precision, even in heavy traffic conditions. This information can be used to monitor traffic flow, identify congestion hotspots, predict future traffic conditions, and implement traffic management strategies.

Easy to Deploy

Installing these pole-mounted side-fire radar units is quick and minimizes disruptions to traffic flow during deployment. The RTMS Echo system is simple to set up with no speed calibration necessary, and featuring built-in aiming guidance and integrated Wi-Fi connectivity so it can be configured with a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Ease of Use

The system can be accessed remotely through the browser-based interface, which allows traffic engineers to manage the system from anywhere. Plus, the camera option allows for visual verification where needed.

Cost-effective Data

One RTMS Echo radar can monitor as many as 12 detection zones up to 250 feet away, providing a wide range of sophisticated traffic data including vehicle counts, speeds, classifications, travel times, and vehicle dwell times.

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