The power of Bluetooth / Wi-Fi with the accuracy of Sensys Networks detection

Provides Re-Identification (Re-ID) through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for travel time and origin / destination. By utilizing anonymized MAC addresses, FlexID™ detectors satisfy existing requirements while providing additional functionality such as intersection delay. TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS

  • Cost effective travel times and congestion management
  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi supported
  • Detection enabled
  • Platform for future enhancements


Leveraging re-identification technology to collect anonymous MAC addresses from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled devices, FlexID is an easily-installed cabinet and pole-mounted detection solution which pairs with the re-identification algorithms in our SensID (formerly VIMS) data service to provide low cost congestion management data.


Since these re-identification detectors leverage the same in-cabinet Sensys Networks processor and central SNAPS server, you can easily add other high-accuracy traffic detection applications with low incremental cost. This includes volume, occupancy and speed for more detailed performance measures, signal actuation, bicycle detection and counts, and parking.


  • Corridor Travel Times
  • Intersection delay analysis
  • Congestion mapping
  • Origin / Destination analysis


  • Meets most existing specifications
  • Smaller in-cabinet footprint


  • Higher match rate, better suited for real time applications
  • Does not require discoverable mode
  • More and more devices using Wi-Fi
  • Signal strength uniquely allows measurement of delay at intersection
FlexID Bluetooth FlexID Wi-Fi
Match Rate Good Great
Origin / Destination Reports
Intersection Delay Measures
Pole Mounted