Every traffic detection technology, upgraded

FlexDetect™ enables all detection inputs - sensors, loops, video, and radar - to be integrated and processed by Sensys Networks' powerful data analytics platform, SensTraffic. TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS

  • Extends SensTraffic Applications to 3rd Party Detection Data
  • Familiar Contact Closure Interface
  • Integrates with FlexControl
  • Provides customization and advanced GUI for reports


Sensys Networks’ FlexDetect is a stand-alone, in-cabinet module that enables external detection data from other detection technologies (loops, video, radar) to be integrated into the Sensys Networks data analytics platform, SensTraffic. For agencies that are upgrading their detection to FlexMag sensors, the result is that traffic professionals are able to use a single available-anywhere traffic monitoring platform to manage their data from all legacy detection methods during the transition period.