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April 24, 2023

Sensys Networks Announces General Availability of FlexMag Mini, the Smallest and Most Durable Traffic Detection Sensor

FlexMag Mini is the latest wireless in-ground traffic detection sensor from Sensys Networks, providing accurate and reliable detection of vehicles for signal actuation, adaptive signal control, traffic counting, speed measurement and red-light enforcement, among other applications. The new sensor is much faster to install and more durable than inductive loops, taking less than five minutes per sensor to install and offering multiple layers of protection against moisture and vehicle traffic. Sensys Networks will showcase the sensor at the ITS America Annual Meeting in Dallas April 24-27, 2023.

DALLAS, April 24, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Sensys Networks, a leading provider of wireless traffic detection solutions, announced today the general availability of FlexMag Mini, its newest and most advanced sensor for traffic detection. The wireless, in-ground sensor is capable of delivering accurate and reliable detection of vehicles. The company will be showcasing the new sensor at the ITS America Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas, from April 24 to 27, 2023.

FlexMag Mini is the latest innovation from Sensys Networks, a result of the company’s extensive experience and innovation in wireless detection technology. The latest generation vehicle detector is smaller and stronger than its predecessor, FlexMag, measuring only 2-5/8 inches (68 mm) in diameter and lasting much longer than loops on average. The circuitry and radio are sealed in potting within a silicone cup to protect against moisture, and the entire sensor comes pre-encased in epoxy. These redundant layers of protection offer considerable toughness against water intrusion and impacts from vehicle traffic.

According to Bill Weber, VP of Sales & Marketing, Americas, “We introduced the original wireless FlexMag to replace vulnerable loops, which break too easily. And FlexMag Mini includes our upgraded battery and radios in a more compact and robust package, resulting in performance and durability at a whole new level.”

FlexMag Mini is also easier and faster to install than any other traffic detection sensor, requiring no trenching, conduits or saw-cutting, and can be installed in less than 5 minutes per sensor with a drill and a small amount of epoxy. This reduces the cost and time for installation, as well as the impact on traffic and road conditions.

“FlexMag Mini is a game-changer for traffic detection,” said Brian Fuller, President of Sensys Networks. “It combines the unmatched accuracy of in-ground detection with greater durability and ease of installation. It enables agencies to quickly deploy wireless detection for a variety of applications, such as signal actuation, adaptive signal control, traffic counting, speed measurement and red-light enforcement.”

FlexMag Mini is the latest addition to Sensys Networks’ existing Vehicle Detection System wireless platform, which includes access points, repeaters, and software. The system is compatible with all traffic controllers and traffic management centers using standard protocols. It can also be configured and monitored independently using Sensys Networks’ web-based interface.

Sensys Networks invites attendees of the ITS America Annual Meeting to visit booth #621 to see a live demonstration of FlexMag Mini and learn more about its features and benefits. Sensys Networks also offers free trials of FlexMag Mini to qualified partners and customers who are interested in testing the sensor for their projects.