The GiveMeGreen!™ app allows bicyclists
to be automatically detected up to
300 feet in advance of the intersection.

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Get Detected Automatically

Up to 300 feet from equipped traffic signals


Signal Timing Initiated

As if pushing the crossing button, the signals know you are approaching the intersection

GiveMeGreen! for Bicyclists

A safer, smoother ride awaits you

The GiveMeGreen! app allows bicyclists to be automatically detected up to 300 feet in advance of an intersection, without ever having to press the bike/pedestrian crossing button.

Features include:

  • Activate or extend a green light or crossing signal automatically
  • Trigger bicycle crossing signs to alert drivers
  • View traffic signal status within the app
  • Receive detection notifications
  • Free and available for iPhone and Android devices


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GiveMeGreen! for Cities

More green lights for cyclists, more safety for everyone, and more data for you.

GiveMeGreen! is an innovative smartphone app for bicyclist detection at signalized intersections.

The app allows bicyclists to be automatically detected up to 300 feet in advance of the intersection, without ever having to veer off their path to push crossing buttons.

Customizable detection just for bicyclists

Transportation agencies can define detection zones and use existing signal phases or design special timings to take advantage of this new detection input. In-app options include turn selection and detection notifications.

GiveMeGreen! automatically activates or extends the green phase, and can trigger dedicated bicycle crossing signals or bicyclist presence warnings for turning motorists.

How it works:

  • GiveMeGreen! uses GPS to establish a customizable geo-fence.
  • When in range of an equipped intersection, the app communicates with a Bluetooth antenna mounted on a nearby traffic pole, minimizing performance latency. No in-ground, video or radar detectors are needed.
  • The secure cloud server provides anti-GPS-spoofing measures including authentication over the Bluetooth connection, unlike other cellular-only solutions.
  • The traffic controller receives the detection input via the FlexControl edge gateway installed in the cabinet.
  • The agency’s custom signal phase is then initiated and the bicyclist is alerted that they have been detected, all without the push of a button.
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