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Green Lights

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Get more green lights when you're on the go!

The GiveMeGreen! app allows you, the cyclist, to be automatically detected
up to 300 feet in advance of the intersection.
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Before you ride, start the app


Get Detected

Up to 300 feet from the traffic signal light


Initiate Signal Timing

As if pushing the pedestrian-crossing button, the signals know you are approaching the intersection

The Power of Green

A safer, smoother ride awaits you

GiveMeGreen! is currently in Beta. We are looking for cyclists to join our testing program. Check out the recent TV News story about GiveMeGreen!

If you meet the following requirements, please apply for our Beta program:

  • Live in Santa Clarita
  • Commute or frequently bike
  • Have an iOS device
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How does it work?

GiveMeGreen! is the first of many connected and autonomous traveler apps developed by Sensys Networks Inc., the world's leading provider of integrated wireless traffic data systems for Smart Cities. This initial deployment is a pilot program to improve safety for cyclists and travel convenience for all motorists in Santa Clarita, California.

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