FlexMag3 EZ-Out

Durable traffic detection that's easy in and EZ-Out.

Our newest traffic detection sensor is stronger, installs in minutes, and can be removed in seconds for replacement or relocation.

FlexMag3 EZ-Out Install

FlexMag3 EZ-Out redefines traffic detection installation and flexibility

FlexMag3 traffic detection sensors are engineered to withstand harsh environments and heavy traffic, outlasting inductive loops, and sometimes even the pavement they are installed in. The wireless sensor is also much faster to install with minimal epoxy and rolling closures, reducing costs and deployment times to mere minutes, not hours like loops. 

Building on that unparalleled durability and rapid deployment capability, the new groundbreaking EZ-Out cup and clip system enables swift removal of FlexMag3 for instant sensor swaps with minimal traffic disruptions. This unique combination of wireless resilience and rapid replacement makes it much easier for agencies to keep traffic detection systems operational.

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Durable detection that moves

FlexMag3 EZ-Out also introduces a new dimension of flexibility. During repaving projects, the sensor can be removed and then reinstalled intact after the roadway has been resurfaced, eliminating the risk (and cost) of destroying detection investments. Plus, FlexMag3 detection can even be relocated – temporarily for work zones or permanently for redesigned road infrastructure. 

The speed and efficiency that EZ-Out enables for replacing or relocating sensors empowers agencies to minimize traffic disruptions and detection downtime. It also means lengthy lane closures for loop repairs are long gone. 

FlexMag3 is far more durable than loops - featuring redundant layers of protection to withstand harsh environments and heavy traffic.

The FlexMag3 name (previously called FlexMag Mini) properly reflects the significant evolution of this wireless sensor.

FlexMag3 represents the culmination of millions of hours of sensor operations in punishing real world environments around the globe. Redesigned from the ground up with redundant layers of protection against traffic and weather, this wireless sensor is built to outlast inductive loops while delivering unmatched accuracy. The result is a durable sensor made to withstand extreme conditions and abuse.

When detection is needed away from the cabinet and power, FlexMag3 excels thanks to its wireless design. However, the sensor is ideal for all intersection, arterial, and highway traffic detection applications.