Our newest traffic detection sensor is stronger and easier, installing in just 2-5 minutes.

Durable detection installed in the blink of a traffic light

FlexMag Mini is now FlexMag3 – properly reflecting the significant evolution of this wireless sensor.

Redesigned from the ground up with redundant layers of protection against traffic and weather, this wireless sensor is built to outlast inductive loops while delivering unmatched accuracy. It is even easier to install with minimal epoxy and rolling closures, further reducing the cost and time for installation.

>> See FlexMag3 installed in under 5 minutes (click for video)

FlexMag3 represents the culmination of millions of hours of sensor operations in punishing real world environments around the globe. The result is a durable sensor made to withstand extreme conditions and abuse.

When detection is needed away from the cabinet and power, FlexMag3 excels thanks to its wireless design. However, the sensor is ideal for all intersection, arterial, and highway traffic detection applications.


New FlexMag3 EZ-Out option can be quickly removed and reinstalled

FlexMag3 EZ-Out is the first per lane traffic detection sensor that can be easily installed in minutes, removed in seconds, and reinstalled. Now agencies can easily swap sensors in the future or relocate them for repaving. It’s much better than loops that get ground up or cut during utility work.

See how fast and easy >>
As published in the Nov/Dec 2022 issue of Traffic Technology International >>