July 13, 2023

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Release Notes – TrafficDOT v2.16.12Download
RTMS Echo DatasheetDownload
Installation & Configuration Reference GuideDownload
Release Notes – SncLog v4.2.0Download
Release Notes – SncLog v4.2.1Download
Installation Guide – Contact Closure (CC) & Expansion (EX) CardsDownload
Installation Guide – Radio (SPP) and FlexRadio CabinetDownload
Datasheet – Contact Closure (CC) & Expansion (EX) CardsDownload
Datasheet – RadioDownload
Quick Start Guide – FlexRadio CabinetDownload
Datasheet – FlexRadio CabinetDownload
Datasheet – FlexIsolatorDownload
Installation Guide – FlexControl Card (APCC) and FlexControl ModuleDownload
Quick Start Guide – FlexControl Card (APCC)Download
Datasheet – FlexControl Card (APCC) EnclosureDownload
Datasheet – FlexControl Card (APCC)Download
Assembly Instructions – Bracket & DIN MountsDownload
Quick Start Guide – FlexConnectDownload
Datasheet – FlexConnectDownload
Quick Start Guide – FlexControl ModuleDownload
Datasheet – FlexControl ModuleDownload
GiveMeGreen! Bluetooth Scanner InstructionsDownload
Installation and Configuration Guide – GiveMeGreen!Download
Quick Start Guide – MicroRadar for Bicycle PresenceDownload
Quick Start Guide – MicroRadar for Bicycle CountsDownload
Quick Start Guide – FlexMag Flush SensorDownload
Quick Start Guide – FlexMag Deep SensorDownload
Installation Guide – FlexMag and MicroRadar SensorsDownload
Datasheet – FlexMag Flush and Deep SensorsDownload
Datasheet – FlexMag Mini Urethane EpoxyDownload
Datasheet – GiveMeGreen!Download
Datasheet – MicroRadarDownload
Datasheet – FlexMag Mini SensorDownload