Are loops destroying your roads or are your roads destroying your loops? Yes.

FlexMag is totally wireless detection that doesn't require extensive trenching, conduits, or sawcutting into your roadways.

FlexMag Totally Wireless Vehicle Detection

Recent studies show the surprising true cost of loops and the damage they cause to your roadways:

  • Loops last an average of 6.67 years
  • They are 7x more likely to fail within the first 5 years
  • Loops accelerate pavement failure, contributing an additional cost of 25%
  • Lifecycle costs for loops are 15% higher when compared to FlexMag

Considering the nature of these old-fashioned embedded wires, is it any surprise that your loops and pavement are destroying each other?

FlexMag, our second-generation wireless sensor with a reconfigured battery, has undergone years of exhaustive testing in punishing real world environments around the globe. The result is a small but robust sensor made to withstand extreme conditions. Unlike loops, FlexMag sensors are totally wireless and immune to:

  • Crushed or crowded conduit
  • Cut lead wires
  • Crumbled pavement conditions

FlexMag is simply a better way to have accurate and reliable detection.

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