Cut the cord and never look back

Compared to loops, our FlexMag wireless vehicle detection sensors are faster to install, more accurate and require less maintenance.

With a much smaller 4 inch (10 cm) footprint, FlexMag magnetometers install in just 15 minutes on average - several times faster than traditional loops. In addition, because our sensors are wireless with no need for extensive trenching, installation can be staggered to reduce lane closures and traffic disruption. This means more safety for your road workers, and more cost savings for you.

Comparison of inductive loops and FlexMag sensors Loops FlexMag
High accuracy traffic detection
Longer average life
Minimal roadway intrusion/damage
Can install below resurfacing grade
No leads to cut or be destroyed
Lower lifecycle costs
Average 15 minute installation
Minimal lane closures
Safer for workers on the road
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