Wireless sensors vs. outdated inductive loops

Comparing Loops to Sensors

Advantages of FlexMag sensors over inductive loops Loops FlexMag
Average 15 minute installation
Self-calibrating (no tuning required)
Low maintenance costs
Minimal lane closures
Safer for workers on the road
Minimal roadway intrusion/damage
Immune to resurfacing
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There is a better way to treat your roads

FlexMag Flush: Wireless Vehicle Detection Sensor Installation

FlexMag sensors are far more robust than loops, safer to install, and capable of outlasting the abuse your pavement suffers from vehicles and weather.

Read about "The staggering cost of inaccurate data" in the March/April 2020 issue of Traffic Technology International:

FlexMag Flush: Wireless Vehicle Detection Sensor Installation

The faster, more accurate, more cost-effective solution

Compared to loops, our FlexMag wireless vehicle detection sensors are faster to install, more accurate and require less maintenance.

With a much smaller 4 inch (10 cm) footprint, FlexMag magnetometers install in just 15 minutes on average - several times faster than traditional loops. In addition, because our sensors are wireless with no need for extensive trenching, installation can be staggered to reduce lane closures and traffic disruption. This means more safety for your road workers, and more cost savings for you.

FlexMag 2% more accurate than loops!

Industry-leading accuracy

Earlier this year, a transportation agency in Asia tested the accuracy of hourly vehicle counts for a period of 12 hours and determined that compared to manually-collected data, Sensys Networks' magnetometers were 2% more accurate on average than inductive loops.

In addition, our detection products are immune to weather and occlusion unlike video and radar.


I like the ability to install FlexMag pucks in the roadway at a level that allows mill and fill over them. Plus, they install with less equipment and time compared with loops.

FlexMag sensors are less invasive to the pavement with less connection points, and more configurable, more innovative.

Our techs tell me installation is very straightforward and simple.

Sensors are ideal for:

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