Introducing Automated Incident Detection from Citilog and Sensys Networks - partners under the TagMaster umbrella of traffic solutions

Wrong Way Driving
Stopped Vehicles
Smoke in Tunnels
Slow Vehicles

Your highways, tunnels and bridges are critical traffic flow conduits that can quickly become bottlenecks for backups - a nightmare for commuters and your traffic operations.

Citilog’s Automated Incident Detection AI accurately detects traffic incidents 5-10 times faster, providing 24/7 monitoring of your most vulnerable roadway infrastructure. As a result, your traffic operation receives real-time alerts, reducing response times from minutes to seconds and enabling you to take action with:

warning! Lights and signs for wrong-way drivers
info Dynamic message signs for all travelers
SensMetrics icon3 Alerts to law enforcement for emergency response
SensMetrics icon1 Alerts to dispatch maintenance / cleanup crews

Improve response times and relieve traffic build ups fast

Automated Incident Detection enables you to respond to incidents much faster – up to 5-10 times faster than other methods such as reports from the public, traffic data algorithms and manual observation of traffic cameras.

Deep learning is the key. The AI-based system is "trained" with a large dataset of real-world traffic video clips to identify vehicles and peds and set them apart from shadows and reflections.

This reduces false positives (~1 every 10 days), delivering unparalleled accuracy so your operations team can focus on responding to real incidents real fast. All this without your team having to keep their eyes glued to camera feeds to manually spot traffic incidents and potential hazards.

With Automated Incident Detection the following metrics are included:

  • Classification by Length
  • Volume
  • Occupancy
  • Speed
  • And more...